Monday, May 9, 2011

Doughnut Earrings

Hey and Howdy Ladies and Gents, Have I got a treat for you! Doughnut earrings! Put some pastries near your ear holes! Made from clay, acrylic, and clear varnished. Each doughnut is individually dipped. They come on a stainless steel post with a plastic backing. A selection of flavours and styles for the discerning connoisseur. You can go for a matching pair or Mix and Match. There are discounts for a 6pack(3 pairs), 12pack(6 pairs), or baker's Dozen(13 single earrings). You'll be the envy of your friends and give your enemies even MORE to spite you for! Take a gander at these fake taste creations!

Boston Cream

Powdered Doughnut with Raspberry Jelly

Powdered Doughnuts

Powdered Doughnut with Blueberry Jelly

Vanilla Frosted with Sprinkles

Chocolate Coated


Classic Pink Frosted with Sprinkles

Chocolate Frosted

Lemon Frosted with Lemon Cream

Lemon Frosted with Strawberry Cream

Maple Bars!

A pair(2 earrings) is 8 American dollars.
Three pairs(6 earrings) is 21 American dollars(savings of $3)
Six Pairs(12 earrings) is 40 American dollars(savings of $8)
Tack on one more for a baker's dozen(13 earrings) for only 43 American Dollars($13 Saved!)

Please contact me at ThePoshPanda(at)Gmail(dot)com if you are interested.
You can also @/DM me on twitter @ADaser or @ThePoshPanda

I work through Paypal and shipping is included in the price.
Unfortunately, currently, I only ship to the USA and Canada.

Please to Enjoy and remember, Supplies are Limited.

-The Posh Panda