Thursday, December 30, 2010


Sometimes if you aren't careful when mowing your lawn tiny rocks can get sucked up and shoot out of your lawn mower and smash into valuable things or cheap people. Only hookers and hired help actually go outside while it is being groomed.
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gerald Page 002

“Welp. I suppose that’s all I need, Time to finish growing and peck my way out…wait a minute.” Gerald crossed his new eyes and looked down. “Oh dear! What a silly kind of bird am I. I nearly forgot one of the most important things. I can’t peck my way out of a shell if I’ve not got a pecker to peck with.” By now Gerald was a rather eager to get out of his shell and didn’t want to spend too much time growing a super long or complicated beak. Something medium sized that could crack a few nuts and make him more aerodynamic would be just hunky dory. He added a little curve on the end to make it a bit fancier.

A short while later it was time for his big entrance out on to the world. Not a day too soon either, despite all of his planning Gerald had found the shell growing more and more snug around his scrunched up little body. He had grown so big his head was stuck in the pointy end of his shell and he was forced to scrape at the shell with the curve on his beak. Chip by chip, a hole in the lumpy bumpy shell began to widen. A large crack ran around the outside and POP!, off came the pointy shell top, well, off from the rest of the shell. Gerald blinked at the dusky light and turned round his head to gaze at what had been his nest for so long. The dunce cap shell perched askew on his enormous head held up by his long reedy neck. He was not impressed by what he saw. This was not the snug nest of straw in a tiny house his mother had been born in, nor was it a crumpled down bed of tall grasses under a shadowy pine, as he remembered from his father. Gerald’s mottled lumpy toad egg was in good company tucked against a half-alive briar bush and only a few waddles away from a murky stream sunk deep with mossy rocks and broken tree limbs.

Noticing the setting sun Gerald decided that with the top popped on his shell he wasn’t nearly uncomfortable enough to get out and try to scramble around in the dark. There was no telling what disreputable creatures might try to take advantage of a youngling like himself. He wiggled a bit to free one of his wings, tucked his beak back down into his shell, and wrapped his wing around his head falling asleep to the sounds of a wondrous, though slightly grimier than expected, world full of unknown adventures.


Gerald Page 001

There once lived a very small bird in a very small pond on a very small farm in a very small town in a very small kingdom on a very small island on a very VERY large ocean that covered most of a moderately sized planet that circled a rather unimpressive star along with several other floating bits of jetsam and stardust.

This bird was born the same way every other bird was excepting the ways in which it was completely different. His shell was not smooth and egg shaped as others were. I suppose it was technically egg shaped in that it was definitely an egg and it had a specific shape. Instead of the standard egg shape his egg shape was lumpy and came to a point at the thin end. If his egg was an animal it would be a toad wearing a dunce cap.

For the longest time after being laid, this very small bird, let’s call him Gerald, just sat curled up inside his dunce cap wearing toad shell and focused all his energy on growing. Once he was mostly bird shaped he stopped to think. As he was inside a rather peculiar shell he couldn’t just grow to fit it. He’ld end up looking like a very silly bird indeed. He didn’t quite know what sort of bird he was going to be, and as not many baby birds get to choose just how they will grow, Gerald knew he had to make very careful decisions about what he would do.

Gerald pondered and pondered. “Well, since I’m a bird I’m going to need wings to fly, but what kind? “ as he thought he turned over and over in his shell and realized that inside of his shell was sort of like underneath the water. He knew this because inside of his brain there was a little notebook full of many things his mother and father new before they decided to make an egg. His mother and father were very different types of birds as well. They weren’t different from other birds, just from each other. Perhaps this was why Gerald, in his mottled misshaped egg, was so different from all other baby birds in their nice regular shells.

As Gerald wiggled his stubby wing shaped armlets around he decided that he was going to spend an awful long time in this shell and when he got out he would probably be sick of floating around in water. “I think the air will be where I want to spend my time, and since I’m such a special kind of bird I should try and see as much of the world as I can. I remember my mother having very pretty wings but not going anywhere outside of her little house and yard. My papa had big strong wings but he only hung around the forests long enough to fatten up and sleep through winter. I think I’ll grow long thin flying wings with extra feathers just in case.” He focused on his little stubby armlets and thought about soaring over the land and seeing all kinds of new creatures and places. Gerald realized he would need really good eyes if he was going to see all those new things from so high, so he thought about those too.

Once he had a good start on those he kicked the two nubs that stuck out near his bottom. “Hmm, I suppose feet come next. After all, you can’t go on long adventures if you can’t land when you finally get there. Mother had wide flat feet for paddling around in puddles when it rained. Papa had tough gnarled feet for running fast and fighting off vermicious knids. I would like to be able to spend some time in the water, I might miss being so floaty and light. Hmm... but I don’t want to be caught totally off guard if some terrible mean thing tries to make me into dinner. I wonder if there’s a way to mix them together and have tough swimming feet.” Gerald though about all the ways he could combine them. It was hard o figure out. He finally decided that a small swimmers foot with long toes and a spur on the back of his ankle would work best. That way he could have gripping toes and still paddle around if he found a particularly nice puddle or pond.


First Lines

There once lived a very small bird in a very small pond on a very small farm in a very small town in a very small kingdom on a very small island on a very VERY large ocean that covered most of a moderately sized planet that circled a rather unimpressive star along with several other floating bits of jetsam and stardust.


P.S. Yes I'm starting NaNoWriMo all over and YES I know what day it is and NO I've no idea what I'm writing! WHEEE!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Late Night Cleaning

*sung to the tune of Tonight- West side story*

Imagine letting it get this bad.
The mess.
I see dirt.
Apartment, I see only mess
Only mess, You're the only thing I see.
So Dirty
On the floor, in my room, and in every where i look, nothing else but grime, All Over.
And there's nothing for me but to clean it.
Every surface i see needs some cleaning.
Cleaning, Cleaning
Put on gloves, to protect my soft girl hands, so everything i clean will be super clean
TOnight, Tonight, I'm cleaning house tonight.
I'll scrub until there is no more grime.
Tonight, tonight, I'll vacum up tonight.
Sucking up every hairball in sight.
Today, all day, I had the feeling, that I should do some cleaning,
I know now I was right.
Cause there's this mess,
and what was a clean room is a sty.
Tonight, tonight, I'll sweep and mop the floor.
I'll put the dishes all in their place.
Tonight, tonight, the bathroom scrubbed tonight,
The toilet and the sink shining white.
The house, it really needs a cleaning,
The junk piles they are leaning, and clothes are piled high
But here, tonight, I'll make the house all homey again.

Please to enjoy.


Thursday, November 18, 2010


I'm trying to sleep after unsuccessfully trying to charge my phone. The port is loose on my voyager and i have not tiny screwdriver to open the phone and fix it. If i sleep now i'll get 5 hours.

Here is how things progressed
*closed eyes, train of thought, noticed some odd phrases off to my left inside my head as if someone was saying something from sitting next to me "pass me a (something)" and a couple more fragments
*opened eyes and tried to refocus, closed eyes and beside my train of thought, which i would say stays in a thick cloud in the middle of my head I have the distinct impression of a woman of early 30's with a mop of curly, but nicely coiffed, brown hair talking and her voice is completely unrelated to my own and I couldnt alter it.
*she seems like .. well how someone would talk to a person if they just saw them from across the park and was trying to start a convo, but thought they knew a mutual friend. you dont know why she's there but it doesn't seem ill intentioned and might be saying something mildly interesting

I think part of my psyche is finally chipped off. 


update, now there's a pilot announcer type just chatting way, not about planes though, so that's something. *sigh*

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chocolate Chai Eggnog

All measurements are guessed rememberances and you should go with your gut, if it is getting too thick add more milk, if it's too strongly flavoured, add more milk, if it's too thin, blend another egg and incorporate like before.

Milk- Few tall cups, 1/3-1/2 gallon
Cocoa powder- couple big Tblsp
Chai spice- couple med tsp
Powdered sugar- couple cups, depending on how sweet you like it
Cream-1/2 cup
Nutmeg- Tblsp
Instant oatmeal-1/2 cup
Optional:add some brown sugar in addition 1/3-1/2 cup

Blend eggs in blender, then add oatmeal and blend more
Heat remaining ingredients in saucepan to a simmer
Add slowly to blending egg mixture.
Transfer back to pan and heat on med-medhigh while whisking constantly
Take care to scrape along the bottom and sides to stop a custard from forming
Heat just below simmering for 5-10 min
Transfer to heat safe container or let rest on stove, adjust for thickness and flavour
Let cool until chilled, please to enjoy.

I made mine thick and add milk to it before drinking, I can adjust the strength in case I want a sweeter or milkier glass.

Please to Enjoy


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Late Night Brains

I think I want to be a teacher, something with english or art, or Mrs Frizzle style. I really admire her. I might make up a list of the people I admire most and why. 

Alton Brown is a genius when it comes to food science and making it interesting, he's clever, funny, inventive, always learning, and isn't afraid to wear flatulent yeasty sock puppets. He's smart without being pretentious (most of the time) and knows how to have fun and be silly. 

Michio Kaku makes me want a brain full of numbers. The way he sees the world and what it can be is astounding. His knowledge of the science of what might be makes me impatient for the day when all scifi become reality. Hopefully without the robot uprisings and alien enslavement(us OR them). 

Sherlock Holmes is a high functioning sociopath and makes no apologies for it. He always knows what's going on and his rooms at baker st, the labs, books, pipe, and so on, Jealous. I want to be a disorganized genius with an encyclopedic knowledge of always the right random facts to know just what's going on. 

I'm including movies/media i really like because i do what i want! *snksnk* The phantom tollbooth is my favourite book. I love how ridiculous everything is but with a purpose and still a sense of organization/chaos depending on the page. The happy ending, the changed boy who no longer needs a magical world, the puns, OH the PUNS! Love them. The illustrations are great, the imagery fantastic, the distorted mirror of the kings to each other. 

The secret garden. Matilda. Harriet the spy. Three girl movies I love. The little princess is usually in there, but I think i love it most for the fashion, the transformed bedroom and stories of India. Also for the ending, of course. The secret garden, not the 1970's version, losing all she had and then finding a place of her own for herself and ending up for others as well. Secrets, gardens, animal friends and watching something grow by your own hands. So much the girl/boy/household/uncle=the garden it's silly, but it's still great. Of course it was/is also beautiful to watch. Matilda, classic misunderstood daughter with a special power and love of books eventually finding a family and unconditional love. Triumphing over the unpleasantness with kindness and good schemes. Special box of chocolates, shot put, javelin, and hammer throw. Harriet the spy I'm wobbly on, she had great schemes, but usually misunderstood things and ended up in trouble. I admire her friendships and how she could be so inquisitive but not harsh about it (despite the journal, there was not so much intended cruelty). I love the scene in the artist's garden. Everyone ends up learning something and how, eventually, you have to grow up and learn about consequences and to take control of your own actions in life. 

Willy Wonka. All of it. from the opening credits to the soaring elevator over the town. Every. Damn. Scene. I'm, of course, referring to the Gene Wilder version. I also find it cute how the blog it trying to tell me Wonka is a misspelling. Silly Blog.

I also like the idea of a wife more that a husband, in the gender and the role aspects. A wife I see as more of a companion and a friend. Husband seems like a trial and has a tinge of servitude. I'm not arguing these as one line definitions, just my impressions of them right now. When i think of coming home to a house where i live with my moppet headed cheerful wife and adopted child it feels like a happy scene, when I change the genders and it's a relationship born child there's a heaviness to the image. One is in the yard and there's sun and another is in a house with poor lighting, type of thing. Either way I'm done with dating sites, random dates, and hooking up. Going back to, well i was going to say "date from my friends" but i don't want to date. I've just as much interest in the others as beautiful interesting creatures i want to find more about, but i don't want to sleep with them, usually. I'm sick of being uncomfortable on dates because i know their main goal is in my pants. This isn't just impressions, this is hardcore innuendo from the get go and creeping like a creeper with creepy talk. I don't have the rampant sex drive that many others have and I'm fine with that. I dont feel the need to 'fix' it or change. I'm not always low sexdrive mode in my life and dont fear it'll leave me frigid. Just a thing i feel now, like a non issue resolve. I also dont like to be touched by strangers, so when someone, on a first date or second, touches me, or hugs, or tries to 'get all up on that' i feel like I should vomit on them to get my point across. Telling people no directly doesnt seem to work a lot of the time. Maybe I should cut back on the "balls" jokes. Apparently making "that's what she said" jokes means I want to put their genitalia in/around myself. This is not a truth. People, make a note.

FYI I typed the first few sentences, then wrote the second topic section, then went back to the first bit. higher not to end on Willy Wonka rather than 'keep your willy away from me'. But both are important parts of my brain, one is just more joyful. *imagines the opening scenes of the old candy factories in production* Man... now i want a Wonka Bar. I know it's just chocolate and Graham cracker but it's bloody delicious. I also love Iron&Wine so danged much right now. I'm going to go listen to them and sleep, maybe word vomit again if the mood strikes. Be excellent to each other.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Update 001

                Science had stalled. There hadn’t been a new scientific break through in the field of biology, botany, chemistry, or any of the medical science fields for nearly half a decade. Until a new form of high yield energy producing substance or engine was discovered or created, there wouldn’t be. All the newest and most interesting theories were determinant on long term mutational evolution, tests done under light speed environments, influx energy bursts from the creation and/or destruction of parallel universes, high pressure ships, and anti matter delineations. There were still diseases, plague, famine, war, and reality television, but no foreseeable way to stop any of them. The scientific community as a whole seemed to be fed up with waiting and some organizations decided to go back to the old ways. The Candaguile Foundation was created to fund scientists and scholars to go back over old medicines and techniques with modern equipment to see if there had been a path not taken or overlooked. This proved fruitful as many things that had been impossible with then technology were quite easily solved with the speed of new computers and now commonplace scientific practices. 

                One such newly discovered ‘old’ path was that of filling in the missing genomes of the Hickory Review Database. The HRD was a collection of all known genetic structures and DNA imprints of every found creature, plant, and organic substance on earth. The Candaguile Foundation began to find large gaps in the patterns of code. There were several evolutionary stages missing across the database. The causes for certain anomalies and skills were unknown and, though now much better equipped than their predecessors, modern man was unable to fill in these jumps in the laboratories.



The Title and vagueish plot as written. Some Characters too, but all can be changed. The only thing that cannot and never will be changed is the main person's name. Mr. McGiggins.As for the plot, please don't try to understand it if it's confusing, most of it is in my head in impressions and colors.

Title: Mr. McGiggins Goes To Town.
Plot for Part One: Intro- Contest- Botany Bounty hunter- red tape- inheritance- pawn/antiques shop- 3 gems- odd bell- comfy chair- indent matches object- tired- wake in shop- now on island- hike- dinos- alien planet?- not really- ruins- papers show compartment on object/chair-shopkeeper wakes McG-back in shop- not sell, buy chair- home- compartment- message=story of island- (story)- ponder contest- explore complex interior- learn much- never botanist in previous tenants- explore island- find odd things- not alone- TRAPPED- is ok- Sailor&kids- their story- everyone back to complex- changed- new boarders- new name- toast- END



NaNoWriMo is here again and that means sore hands, sore neurons, and 30K deadlines.

I'll be attempting to put up lots and lots of updates as I write. It will be poorly written, often misspelled, random plot holes the size of your face (if your face is Saturn), and Lies. LOTS OF LIES! But hopefully amusing lies.



Monday, October 25, 2010

Window shade

Some of you might know, I've no sleep schedule. But the sun, vermicious knid that it is, refuses to respect that. Pretty sure the AC also hates to enter my room. I've decided on a solution to help block out the pesky brightness and keep my room from turning into a sweltering inferno of sleepless anger. I am making a triple canvas painting to put in my window. I'm gonna post inspirations I find here. You should send ideas through comments.

Things from
Retro animals
Crossing Critters
Autumnal Equinox
Eastern floral
Eastern Animal
Symbols of Japan
Retro Landscapes
Poires Salsa
Stained glass
Retro Flowers
Patterned Dresses

So many beautiful choices. *struggles to pick* I think the only solution... Have more options! *goes off to find more.*


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Savoury Bread Pudding 001

So delicious I couldn't stop myself from eating it too fast for a picture. Everything in the recipe is eyeballed so if something works better for you a different way, do it.


about 4 inches from the end of day(or week) old sourdough(i used my S&P sourdough)
4/5 fresh sage leaves
5 sliced spicy pickled green tomatoes

clove garlic
1/2ish cup of water
one egg
heavy pinch pepper
few dashes of salt
squirt yellow mustard
splash of veggie oil
couple spoons of flour

Cut bread into 1/2 inch chunks and set out, the longer you do this the more it absorbs. I did mine for about 2 hours.
Chop everything else fine (if choppable) and mix all together in a bowl.
Toss in bread chunks and mix around for a few min, then lest sit and soak up the goodness. try to press the Bread down gently so you get most of the pieces submerged, if you can.
Turn oven on 330
Let soak until most of the liquid is absorbed, tossing once so every piece gets full of tasty.
Butter a pan or line it with tin foil and lay in bread chunks, pour over what's left in the bowl.
Bake for about 20/30 min, remove covering tinfoil and then put under broiler for a few until lightly browned on some of the pieces.

Laying on some cheese before the broil would be a Vunderbar idea.
Please to Enjoy.

::Full belly coma commencing..3...2...zzzz::

Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh Look! Lots of Links

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

I want ...

A takoyaki maker. There's one for 26$ on jlist. I wrote a haiku.

Yes Takoyaki,
Put your hot balls in my mouth.
Tasty Octopus.


Working on the list. Going for some supplies in the next couple days.

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