Sunday, November 21, 2010

Late Night Cleaning

*sung to the tune of Tonight- West side story*

Imagine letting it get this bad.
The mess.
I see dirt.
Apartment, I see only mess
Only mess, You're the only thing I see.
So Dirty
On the floor, in my room, and in every where i look, nothing else but grime, All Over.
And there's nothing for me but to clean it.
Every surface i see needs some cleaning.
Cleaning, Cleaning
Put on gloves, to protect my soft girl hands, so everything i clean will be super clean
TOnight, Tonight, I'm cleaning house tonight.
I'll scrub until there is no more grime.
Tonight, tonight, I'll vacum up tonight.
Sucking up every hairball in sight.
Today, all day, I had the feeling, that I should do some cleaning,
I know now I was right.
Cause there's this mess,
and what was a clean room is a sty.
Tonight, tonight, I'll sweep and mop the floor.
I'll put the dishes all in their place.
Tonight, tonight, the bathroom scrubbed tonight,
The toilet and the sink shining white.
The house, it really needs a cleaning,
The junk piles they are leaning, and clothes are piled high
But here, tonight, I'll make the house all homey again.

Please to enjoy.


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