Thursday, November 18, 2010


I'm trying to sleep after unsuccessfully trying to charge my phone. The port is loose on my voyager and i have not tiny screwdriver to open the phone and fix it. If i sleep now i'll get 5 hours.

Here is how things progressed
*closed eyes, train of thought, noticed some odd phrases off to my left inside my head as if someone was saying something from sitting next to me "pass me a (something)" and a couple more fragments
*opened eyes and tried to refocus, closed eyes and beside my train of thought, which i would say stays in a thick cloud in the middle of my head I have the distinct impression of a woman of early 30's with a mop of curly, but nicely coiffed, brown hair talking and her voice is completely unrelated to my own and I couldnt alter it.
*she seems like .. well how someone would talk to a person if they just saw them from across the park and was trying to start a convo, but thought they knew a mutual friend. you dont know why she's there but it doesn't seem ill intentioned and might be saying something mildly interesting

I think part of my psyche is finally chipped off. 


update, now there's a pilot announcer type just chatting way, not about planes though, so that's something. *sigh*

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