Monday, November 1, 2010

Update 001

                Science had stalled. There hadn’t been a new scientific break through in the field of biology, botany, chemistry, or any of the medical science fields for nearly half a decade. Until a new form of high yield energy producing substance or engine was discovered or created, there wouldn’t be. All the newest and most interesting theories were determinant on long term mutational evolution, tests done under light speed environments, influx energy bursts from the creation and/or destruction of parallel universes, high pressure ships, and anti matter delineations. There were still diseases, plague, famine, war, and reality television, but no foreseeable way to stop any of them. The scientific community as a whole seemed to be fed up with waiting and some organizations decided to go back to the old ways. The Candaguile Foundation was created to fund scientists and scholars to go back over old medicines and techniques with modern equipment to see if there had been a path not taken or overlooked. This proved fruitful as many things that had been impossible with then technology were quite easily solved with the speed of new computers and now commonplace scientific practices. 

                One such newly discovered ‘old’ path was that of filling in the missing genomes of the Hickory Review Database. The HRD was a collection of all known genetic structures and DNA imprints of every found creature, plant, and organic substance on earth. The Candaguile Foundation began to find large gaps in the patterns of code. There were several evolutionary stages missing across the database. The causes for certain anomalies and skills were unknown and, though now much better equipped than their predecessors, modern man was unable to fill in these jumps in the laboratories.


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