Monday, November 1, 2010


The Title and vagueish plot as written. Some Characters too, but all can be changed. The only thing that cannot and never will be changed is the main person's name. Mr. McGiggins.As for the plot, please don't try to understand it if it's confusing, most of it is in my head in impressions and colors.

Title: Mr. McGiggins Goes To Town.
Plot for Part One: Intro- Contest- Botany Bounty hunter- red tape- inheritance- pawn/antiques shop- 3 gems- odd bell- comfy chair- indent matches object- tired- wake in shop- now on island- hike- dinos- alien planet?- not really- ruins- papers show compartment on object/chair-shopkeeper wakes McG-back in shop- not sell, buy chair- home- compartment- message=story of island- (story)- ponder contest- explore complex interior- learn much- never botanist in previous tenants- explore island- find odd things- not alone- TRAPPED- is ok- Sailor&kids- their story- everyone back to complex- changed- new boarders- new name- toast- END


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